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A nursery school is a very special place. It is where children first discover much about themselves and others around them.

These times in nursery is easily forgotten and lost forever. We at Atlas Images believe that it is an honour to photograph little children in such a precious time of their life. We offer both studio and environmental sessions year round.

Capturing monents in time in a fun and engaging way.

Our online system is designed to take all the administration away from the school and give parents the maximim value for money. We only need a reletively small space for our studio or can work outside in a garden or play space weather permitting.

Call the office to discuss the best option for you and your setting.

"Atlas Images is just what we need to carry out our photography needs. Chris the photographer clearly enjoys working with the children and they respond well to him. The result, in our experience, is natural photography, happy parents and consistent orders too. We have booked Atlas Images again this year and are happy to recommend them to anyone considering a portrait photographer for their nursery or pre school."

Amanda Thorne
Seashells Early Years Centre, East Cowes