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We are living in a changing world and that world requires a different approach. As a creative school photography company, we believe in a different approach for you, your pupils and their parents.

Once at secondary school pupils have moved into a position of influence with their parents when it comes to purchasing or displaying images. Therefore we have created a range of modern images that both parents and pupils will love and be happy to display. Our highly experienced lead school photographer is confident, friendly and above all fun loving. This means he and his team can capture your pupils true characters in a modern and engaging way, while respecting their age and own opinion on what they require from a school photograph. This is all done without compromising on time taken, each child will be treated as an individual in only a few seconds our skilled photographers will creat a selection of portraits rather than just a school picture. We understand shoot effeciency too with multiple studios working together so to limit any time out of the classroom for photography.

Combine this with up to date online ordering and high end in-house printing it is easy to see why Atlas Images Schools is the supplier of chioce for most  secondary schools on the Isle of Wight and now the south coast too.

Our modern approach to school photos is leading the way in schools photography on the Isle of Wight and beyond and has been for over 20 years. We are proud to offer studio quality images at school photography prices. It is just as important to photograph teenagers and we love hearing the positive responses from parents and pupils alike.

For your assurance all our staff are DBS checked and he have robust data protection policies and proceedures in place for all our clients. We are fully GDPR compliant.

We also understand your requirements for database images and can provide these is various formats to suit your schools needs.

Booking your school photography with Atlas Images Schools is also great for your school as we pay out very generous commissions to all our schools. Give us a call to discuss your needs in a particular detail.

"We have had lovely school pupil photographs from Chris and his team at Atlas images. The whole experience from taking the pictures, having online access and receiving generous commission for school funds went very smoothly. Parents were equally impressed and the evidence of their approval from orders generated supports our ongoing relationship with Atlas Images for the forseeable future."

Sandown Bay Academy, Isle of Wight