Mentoring & Business Analysis

Trusted to deliver quality, unrivalled results

5 Reasons why YOU need to get Chris to help you move your business to the next level.

1. Do you have enough leads regularly coming into your business? If not Chirs has stratages to build on autopilot a lead generation machine.

2. Are you technically challanged in either studio or environmental photography. 30+ years as a pro, there are not many situations Chris has not come up against.

3. Business First: Then Photography! Do you have the correct balance between business and photography. Many photographers fail because the balance is off! Let Chris steer you in the correct direction.

4. Are you in a price war? Chris can show you how to get out of this situation, selling your business on service not price.

5. Not 100% satisfied with Chris’s help? As long as you have taken action and seen no results he will give you a full refund!

Chris offers his advice in 3 packages

Bronze: 30 minute chat on skype. Free of Charge

Silver: 2 Hours Skype business discusion. £150

Silver Plus: Come to our offices and spend 3 hours talking through your business strategy. Leave with a ACTION PLAN. £300

Gold: 2 Half Days of business consultancy. Chris will spend half a day with you. Half a day assessing your business and writing a report. Once this is done he will deliver his report in person on a second half day and draw up a bespoke ACTION PLAN. £1000

Platinium: 2 Full Days with all of the above services plus an extra 3 Skype calls over the course of a 6 month period to follow up on any action plans. £2000

Chris has built a strong 6 figure business and has been a photographer for 30 years. His experience is invaluable in helping other photographers to build thrir businesses using modern technology and as old as the hills proven good business sense. He is also a highly tallented photographer that can if required teach and equip any aspiring photographer with the skills to be profitable.


I have been to Chris's seminars on more than one occasion (testament in itself to his skills as a teacher!).  His teaching style is relaxed, friendly but very professional and I have found him, invaluably, easy to learn from.  His skills as a photographer are superb, but it's the ability to impart those skills and share them that makes him stand out.  I learnt both practical actions to add to my photography skills as well as business and marketing skills to improve my chances in a highly competitive market. I would have no hesitation in recommending Chris to anyone wanting to increase their knowledge and skills in both the actions and business of photography.

Vicki: Photographer London