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An Atlas Images Day provides individuals and companies with professional headshot photography in one convenient package. Headshot Days are at your location throughout the UK but we do  travel further for corporate conferences if needed. Companies and groups needing headshot photography can set up an Atlas Corporate Headshot Day easily at their headquarters or another location near them. It today’s market place it is no longer acceptable to have little of now imagery of team members in your company.

This is why we offer all our sessions with a selection of images taken in just a few moments to give your team a gallery of images to use, rather than one that becomes out of date very quickly. To be able to change a corporate headshot image in your business comminications regularly make you stand out of the competition.

Atlas Images lead photographer Chris Bamber has a reputation in the photographic industry as a natural portrait photographer with an intuitive ability to make his subjects feel at home. However it is not only his photography style that has gained him respect amongst other professionals, it is his volume photography workflows that give Atlas Images the advantage. Embrcing the available technology to fully manage thousands of images securely and delivering all images with subject names saves clients hours of time.

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Chris and his team at Atlas Images came to our offices and photographed the whole team effortlessly. Taking a selection of really useful images of everyone with no fuss making everyone feel special. Getting through over 100 people is just a few hours was brilliant. We also loved the filenameing software they used, it saved us hours of time. Thank you

Stacey Meir HR Director Staines

Corporate Headshot